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New in: Our Spring/Summer Collection of Spanish & Portuguese Baby Clothes

Here at Sienna’s Spanish Baby, we are passionate about bringing you the latest Spanish and Portuguese baby clothing online, made from the highest-quality materials and available at the best prices. While others may bring you cheap Spanish clothes for babies, we know that you want to give your baby the best, which is why we test the quality of each and every item before it ships to you.

As such, we are proud and delighted to bring you our latest Spring and Summer collection. A true testament to the best Spanish and Portuguese baby clothing in the UK, we bring you a gorgeous range of baby accessories, rompers and adorable little sets straight from our Spanish baby boutique!

We’re so excited about this range and couldn’t wait to show off a few of our best sellers and top picks, so we decided to highlight some of our favourite Spanish baby wear available on our website, now. If you’re not sure whether to go for baby rompers or baby clothing sets, take a look at what’s on offer, and find out the benefits of each type.

Let’s start with this adorable Spanish baby romper. Part of our Dandelion Collection, this beautiful white and grey knitted onesie is perfect for highlighting those adorable chunky arms and legs of young babies. It’s one of our best-selling items and for good reason, the texture is so soft that it’s perfect for sensitive skin and the short sleeves and legs allow for a little breathability.

Team up this cute romper with our white and grey bolero cardigan to create light layers, perfect for the ever-changing temperature of Spring or keep it simple and single in the warmer months. Either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads and cause baby talk aplenty when people catch sight of your adorable little munchkin in this Portuguese baby boy romper suit.

If you’re a fan of fine detailing, then look no further than this beautiful Spanish inspired knitted clothing set for girls. Made from 100% acrylic with a fine knit weave/design (including two delicate bows) and finished with 4 stunning shell buttons down the front, this is a great little outfit for special occasions.

The best thing about this set is that you can use the shorts and cardigan as standalone items as part of a different outfit, or pair together with some great accessories, such as simple headband or adorable socks, for the complete Spanish clothing look.

Going somewhere special? Why not show off with this lovely cotton, satin and knitted Portuguese dress for girls. This is a fully-lined dress that remains perfectly compatible with delicate baby skin yet has a warming, knitted top layer that gives your baby comfort without weighing them down or feeling too hot. On colder days, you can simply add some leggings or tights to give your little one some additional warmth or go without in warmer areas. Meanwhile, the three shell buttons on the back make getting your wriggly munchkin in and out of their new dress a doddle no wrestling needed!

For those whose little ones love bunnies, this is the best baby top and shorts set available. Made with a fine knit and featuring the outline of the ever-popular bunny, we can guarantee that this Spanish inspired clothing set will be flying off the shelves.

The perfect set for long days and special occasions, this simple t-shirt and shorts style set will keep your loved one warm as the sun sets while allowing them to stay cool in sunnier weather. The detailing around the edges adds just a touch of delicacy and the little satin bow on the bunny definitely heightens to cute-factor.

We know what you’re thinking- and yes, we do have a pink set, too.

Nautical clothing for babies never goes out of fashion and we’re so pleased to be able to present this adorable cotton romper as part of our latest Spring and Summer collection. With an eye-catching, yet simple design of navy and white detailing around the hems and collar, this nautical romper is topped with a lovely little anchor appliqué.

Your little mariner is sure to inspire adoring looks as they show of their new little suit and the cotton fabric will keep them comfortable all day long. Even better, we’ve added some back poppers to make it easy to dress your baby in this lovely sailor-themed Spanish romper for boys.

Of course, we’d hate to leave the little ladies out of this great design, so we’ve worked extra hard to make sure you can get your nautical dress for baby girls from our store, too. We wholeheartedly support getting friends who are parents to young children involved too, just think of the pictures!

If you’re looking for a Spanish fashion themed gift for an expecting parent, then consider your mission accomplished. Every parent knows you can never have enough blankets and our sweet bunny shawls make for amazing additions to new parent’s wardrobe.

These lovely, soft, fine-knitted blankets perfectly match our bunny sets or work brilliantly as standalone gifts. The satin threading works wonders for little hands that like to keep busy while the sweet design adds a touch of innocence that we just can’t help but love. Available in both pink and blue, we’re sure you’ll love these Spanish baby accessories.

All of our Spanish and Portuguese baby clothing for girls is able to be dressed up or down, depending on how you and your little girl feel. Meanwhile, our Spanish and Portuguese baby clothing for boys works wonderfully with added layers or simple accessories. Both genders are able to move freely as they explore the world, while wearing these wonderful creations and we’re proud to have on offer another collection that gives a unique Spanish twist to your baby’s clothes, without hindering your little one’s natural desire to move, discover and cuddle!


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