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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Sirham Crying Baby Doll

Sirham Crying Baby Doll

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Introducing Sirham, an enchanting 38cm crying boy doll meticulously crafted by Llorens in Spain, offering a one-of-a-kind toy for every child's delight. Sirham is adorned in a stylish ensemble, featuring a cosy blue sweater with a fur hood, playful animal-print shorts adorned with charming umbrellas, comfy blue socks, and a sweater hat graced with a whimsical pompom.

This charming boy doll boasts a lovely and delicate face, accentuated by soulful brown eyes, sure to captivate hearts and inspire imaginative play. Designed for comforting cuddles, Sirham tummy is generously filled with a soft lining, making him perfect for those nurturing embraces.

Sirham also comes complete with a functional pacifier that serves an essential role. When the pacifier is gently removed, Sirham will cry and call out for "mama" and "papa," mimicking the behavior of a real baby.

Presented in an exquisite decorative cardboard box, Sirham is ready to be cherished and adored.

Experience the unique allure of Spanish Llorens dolls with Sirham!

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