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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Dina crying Doll

Dina crying Doll

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Meet Dina, the enchanting 38cm crying doll dressed in a delightful white animal-themed outfit adorned with charming umbrellas. She dons a cozy pink jacket with a fur hood, paired with pink socks and bloomers, exuding a delightful sense of style.

Dina boasts a delicate, lovely face framed by captivating brown eyes and adorned with two darling tassels featuring bows. Her exotic beauty is sure to inspire hours of imaginative play.

Designed for cuddles, Dina's tummy is filled with a plush lining, making her perfect for comforting embraces. This endearing doll even comes with a functional pacifier. When the pacifier is removed, Dina will cry and call out for "mama" and "papa" just like a real baby.

Arriving in an eye-catching decorative cardboard box, Dina is ready to be cherished and adored.

Experience the magic of Spanish Llorens dolls with Dina!

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