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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Inna Reborn Doll

Inna Reborn Doll

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Meet Inna: Your Lifelike and Charming Baby Doll

Introducing Inna, the adored companion for children who love to play, nurture, and create cherished moments. With her beautiful outfit that's perfect for city strolls, Inna is a handcrafted, lifelike baby doll that brings joy to your family. Her delightful vanilla scent adds an extra layer of warmth to her charm.

Why Choose Inna?

Playful and Lovable: Inna is designed to delight in playtime and is ready to be spoiled by little ones who take care of her. She'll become your child's favourite companion.

Meticulous Handcrafting: Inna has been carefully crafted with great attention to detail, ensuring a lifelike experience for both children and collectors alike.

Irresistible Vanilla Scent: Inna isn't just a doll; she's a comforting presence with a delightful vanilla scent that adds a touch of sweetness to every interaction.

Realistic Touch: Inna's vinyl limbs and body are made of high-quality, soft material that mimics the texture of real baby skin. This allows for lifelike details such as subtle skin redness, delicate veins, and even the appearance of dribble.

High-Quality Attire and Accessories: Inna's white and pink clothing and blanket are made from premium fabrics, with meticulous attention to design and craftsmanship. The package includes essential accessories, including a cosy blanket, a comforting dummy, a dummy clip, a nappy, a family book, and a certificate of authenticity.

Inna isn't just a doll; she's a cherished friend who brings joy, playfulness, and charm to your family. Whether you're a collector or seeking the perfect gift, Inna's lifelike qualities and meticulous design will create treasured memories. Welcome Inna into your family today and experience the charm of a lifelike baby doll ready to embark on delightful adventures with your children.

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