About Me

I have always been interested in fashion and its been a dream of mine to set up my own online clothing store. When I was pregnant with my little girl I spent most of my time online searching for the most beautiful and unique baby clothes I could find for my daughter, clothes that couldn't be found easily on the high street. After she had arrived everyone was always interested in what she was wearing and where I got her outfits from and I knew then that the time was now right for me to start my own business venture and start selling such unique and beautiful clothes, I also realised that I wanted to spend everyday day with her and not go back to my full time job and lose such precious time, so after a lot of hard work, time, determination and research Sienna's Spanish Baby was created, Sienna being the name of my new baby daughter. We bring you beautiful, traditional, Spanish & British designer baby clothes that you wont find in the normal high street shops. Thank you for visiting us x 




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