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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Joelle Crying Baby Doll

Joelle Crying Baby Doll

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Introducing Joelle, a captivating 38cm crying doll that's perfect for children of all ages. Crafted with love and expertise by the renowned Spanish brand Llorens, Joelle showcases exceptional attention to detail, making her resemble a real baby with remarkable accuracy.

Joelle's construction features movable vinyl limbs, including handles, legs, and a lifelike head, complemented by a soft-filled fabric belly that beckons for hugs.

This special set includes Joelle's favorite pacifier, an interactive touch that adds realism to playtime. When the pacifier is gently removed, Joelle will respond with lifelike cries and call out for "mum" in the most endearing manner.

Joelle is beautifully adorned in a charming pink outfit, showcasing the use of soft and durable materials. To ensure she enjoys the sweetest dreams, she comes bundled with a cosy blanket, perfect for wrapping her up for peaceful slumber.

Every Joelle doll is elegantly presented in a decorative cardboard box, eliminating the need for additional packaging and making her an ideal gift choice.

Bring home Joelle today, and let your child experience the joy of nurturing and caring for their very own lifelike companion!

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