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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Nica Baby Doll

Nica Baby Doll

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Meet Nica, the charming 40cm baby doll designed to bring endless joy to children's playtime. With its movable limbs, Nica offers a world of entertainment and imaginative adventures for your child.

Nica boasts a body crafted from touchably soft vinyl, making her suitable for delightful pretend baths. You can immerse her in water up to her neck, adding an extra dimension of fun to playtime.

This delightful package includes a thoughtfully designed ensemble for Nica, featuring a stylish outfit, hat, cosy socks, a charming chimney, and a snug sleeping bag. Additionally, a decorative pacifier is included, enhancing the doll's realistic appeal.

Every Nica doll is thoughtfully presented in a decorative cardboard box, making it an ideal choice for gifting and eliminating the need for extra packaging.

Discover the enchanting world of Spanish Llorens dolls with Nica, and watch your child's imagination come to life!

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