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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Mimi Crying Baby Doll

Mimi Crying Baby Doll

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Meet Mimi, the captivating 45cm tall doll dressed in an enchanting white romper set, complemented by adorable socks featuring charming bows, and topped off with a delightful double pompom hat. Mimi's outfit exudes elegance and style, making her a perfect companion for playtime adventures.

What sets Mimi apart is her versatile cushion, which cleverly converts into a mat, expanding the imaginative possibilities of play. Additionally, Mimi arrives with a comforting dummy, enhancing her nurturing appeal. Mimi's fabric-filled belly provides a soft touch that invites endless cuddles. And here's the magical touch – a gentle press on her belly, and Mimi will melodiously cry, bringing a lifelike and interactive dimension to play.

Mimi's visage is a masterpiece that will capture every child's heart. Her enchanting blue eyes, adorned with long, luscious eyelashes, are complemented by a charming little nose. It's worth noting that Mimi's eyes remain open, offering a captivating and expressive look.

To inspire creativity and storytelling, Mimi's arms and legs are fully posable, allowing for endless pose variations and imaginative scenarios. And for a charming presentation, Mimi comes elegantly packaged in a decorative cardboard box, making her an ideal gift choice for any occasion.

Discover the joy of nurturing and imaginative play with Mimi, the exquisite doll that promises to become a cherished playmate.

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