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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Lucky Yoyo: TEA ROSE

Lucky Yoyo: TEA ROSE

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Hello, I’m Lucky Yoyo!

Perhaps, I’m the luckiest dog in the world! I bring joy, good luck to all my friends and can even create little miracles. Just my appearance can turn an ordinary day into a real holiday.

If you dream about something just hug me tightly before falling asleep and I’ll do my best to make your dream come true! A little Lucky Doggy always brings big luck, a strong friendship, and a great mood!

Product specifications:

  • The outfit is easy to be put on and off.
  • Sticky fastener
  • Sitting size: 25 cm
  • Full size: 44 cm
  • Recommended age: 3+

Many people have little dogs. They can make their masters happy and laugh. But what do they look like? Of course, they look like their beloved masters. Same look in their eyes, same walk, and same habits. But why do they look so similar? It is most likely because of mutual love.

Every dog’s name begins with “Lucky” because they bring luck and create magic. Their very existence makes your life a joyful holiday. Each dog has a hobby: some love music, some enjoy sports, some like dancing, and some spend their time at SPAs and shopping. Wherever you go, whether it is going overseas, hanging at a café, or taking a car trip, the dogs from Lucky Doggy will make great company.

They will be with you all the time!

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