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Sienna's Spanish Baby

Pink Wooden Scooter

Pink Wooden Scooter

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Introducing a stylish wooden toy scooter by New Classic Toys that's perfect for your little one's adventures. This new balance scooter is the ticket to fun-filled journeys and memorable rides.

As your child develops balance, spatial awareness, and coordination between hand and foot, they'll naturally increase their speed and confidence on this scooter. It's a fantastic way to prepare them for future biking adventures. The seat is adjustable to three different heights: 32cm, 35cm, and 37cm. Please note that this scooter doesn't have brakes, so adult supervision is essential at all times.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Seating: The scooter's seat can be set to various heights, ensuring it grows with your child.

  • Realistic Details: It comes complete with a pretend headlight, a soft brown saddle, comfortable handlebar grips, and a mock display featuring a fuel gauge and a speedometer.

With this scooter, your child will become the neighbourhood's coolest kid, ready to explore the world one ride at a time!

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